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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Grizzly Bears -Original Hand-pulled Stone Lithograph

Grizzly Bears -Original Stone Lithograph by Janet L. Wissmann. Edition 8 s/n prints on d'Arches cotton. Image approximately 9.5 x 9.5 inches. -- $145 print; $180 matted print.

Matting is dark olive top mat, black inner mat; all materials are conservation/acid-free.
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More about the Lithograph Grizzly Bears
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Janet writes, "Here's something really interesting. Click on the right detail image above to see the beautiful watercolor-like effect where the rocks spill onto the bottom border of the print (near my signature). This was done with diluted liquid tusche and salt crystals. I love the manner in which the tusche-and-salt process creates a three-dimensional effect, with all the sharp edges and 'granulation' that watercolorists love."
We cut our own mats in the artist's studio, so matting colors can be somewhat flexible to suit your needs; in this case we've shown dark olive over black, but another suggestion is creamy white over creamy white.
How to purchase this original stone lithograph »