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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Original Hand-Pulled Stone Lithographic Print
Phoenix - Maine Coon Cat

Phoenix -Original Stone Lithograph by Janet L. Wissmann -- $175.
Look at that detail! Janet drew this Maine Coon Cat with a lithographic pencil onto the finely-ground Bavarian limestone slab, and the prints turned out so well that the college instructor purchased two for his family! Edition: 40 s/n prints on d'Arches rag. Paper size 10x14"
Matted: $250 includes double-mat of creamy white archival rag mat (16x20 inches). Click images to enlarge for detail.
To purchase, please call  (I prefer this, since I then don't have to pay ebay a percentage). You can then pay using check or credit card (via your paypal acct.). If you want to purchase it on ebay (not matted), go here. 
As an extra-special personalized touch, for no extra charge the artist will hand-color the eyes in your choice of blue, green, or amber! Click on the green eyes picture at left to enlarge.

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BRIGHT EYES PRINTS Set of 8 prints $60.00. Single prints $24 each.
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Bright Eyes set of 8 Limited-edition prints by Watercolorist Janet L. Wissmann