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Friday, July 28, 2006


Original Hand-pulled Stone Lithograph
Three Red-tailed Hawks

Three Red-tailed Hawks -Original hand-pulled stone lithograph by Janet L. Wissmann -- $200.
Edition size only 20 s/n prints were ever made; the stone used to print these images has been destroyed.
These three poses are of the same Red-tailed Hawk which was a wildlife rescue animal. The bird's wing had been injured so badly by a collision with a car that he could not be released back into the wild. He became a bird that the wildlife rehabilitator used for educational outreach programs at nature centers and forest preserves in Central Illinois. This bird is the same species as New York City's famous Red-Tail, "Pale Male", who nests on a building across from Central Park. The print actually has more margin than the picture above shows; image size is ~9.5 x 11.5 inches; paper size is 14 x 18. Paper is 100% cotton rag (d'Arches). Shipping is additional. How to purchase this original stone lithograph »
Picture above is actually larger than life size.

Sepia Red-Tailed Hawk - Original Stone Lithograph

Sepia Red-Tailed Hawk
Original hand-pulled stone lithograph.
This print has a smaller outer dimension than the three-hawk print shown above, but the head study is the same size; it's printed from the same drawing on the stone that was used for the 3-head prints. I managed to do this by printing the 3-head prints first, then removing the images of the other two heads by scraping and grinding the images off the stone while leaving this one on the stone. The image is approx. 4x6" ; paper size is 10x11". Click on picture to enlarge. This original stone lithographic print was printed with sepia-colored ink on cream d'Arches rag paper. Looks really good under an oval mat! Edition: 9 s/n. Only one print remains. $155 plus shipping.

How to purchase this original stone lithograph »
Red Tailed Hawk original stone lithograph